‘Night Out in Ruzafa’ Guide

‘Night Out in Ruzafa’ Guide

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Ruzafa is by far the trendiest area of Valencia. This district situated around Ruzafa market offers a great variety of art stores, concerts and street musicians. If you want to experience a night out feeling like a real Spaniard follow our ‘Night Out in Ruzafa’ Guide.

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Tapas and drinks

Start the night by meeting up with your friends for a beer in one of the cafes in the street Literato Azorín. One of the most recommended is ‘el Rojo’. This is a typical bar where you can enjoy a beer with a tapa for only 1€. For the most hipsters ‘Ubik café’, it is a small bookshop-café where you can buy a second hand book while going for a drink.

Eating out in Ruzafa

If you are looking for a low budget dinner, Ruzafa has a great offer of restaurants where you can have a tasty dinner for less than 10€.

La Andaluza’ (Reino de Valencia, 21 ) is a typical tapas restaurant where there is a menu of 5 tapas for 10€, including really typical Spanish dishes such as ‘Morcilla de Burgos’. However, if you want to change from the Spanish food, ‘La Finestra’(Vivons 16) is a small Italian restaurant with a very nice atmosphere where you can eat real Italian pizzas while enjoying life music.

If in contrast, you prefer to spend a bit more of money and have dinner in a nicer restaurant Ruzafa also has a variety of possibilities. In both places, we recommend to reserve in advanced.

El Rodamon’ (Sueca, 47)offers a selection of tapas with an original touch and an influence from different cultures. Its modern and welcoming decoration makes you feel like at home.

‘Cophenague’ (Literato Azorín, 8) is a modern vegetarian restaurant that offers a mix of Thai and Japanese cuisine with Mediterranean food. They pay a great attention to consuming ‘ecological’ and ‘bio’ products.

Nights out in Ruzafa

Although there are quite a lot of clubs to go party, we recommend starting the night in ‘Electropura’(Calle del Pintor Salvador Abril, 20). If you enjoy good music, this night club plays excellent playlists. Very different from the commercial music that it is played in most of the clubs of Valencia. But be careful with the timing, Spanish party starts around 12.

Enjoy your nights out in Valencia while staying in one of our nice apartments!

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