Gluten-free trip in Valencia

Gluten-free trip in Valencia

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Gluten-free trip in Valencia

Travelling with gluten intolerance can be quite difficult; whether it is an adult or a kid this eating disorder may cause some difficulties. For this reason, LivingValencia wants you to enjoy the city without any worries.


Which dishes are gluten-free?

Spain has a large gastronomy that includes many dishes that are naturally free of gluten. Spaniards start their meals with some ‘Tapas’, which consists in some dishes to share in the middle. The meal is followed by a main dish and a dessert.

Tapas free of gluten:

-Pulpo a la Gallega. This dish consists in boiled octopus on a row of potatoes, paprika and olive oil.

-Anchovies marinated in vinegar

-Anchovies in oil

-Grilled cuttlefish (ask without mayonnaise)

Free of gluten dishes:

-Spanish omelette

-Cod with oil and garlic

-Cod-fish with garlic and eggs

-Paella (ask for the colorant used to ensure it was cooked with one that is suitable for celiac)

-Grilled fishes and meats

It is also possible to drink the typical Sangria.


Where to eat? (gluten free restaurants)

Every time more and more Spanish restaurants are starting to put more attention in identifying the kind of food that their dishes contain. You can find below a list of restaurants that serve Spanish traditional food and that specify in their dishes if they are suitable for celiac.

-Restaurant La Lola, this is a young Mediterranean restaurant, which prepares its dishes with fresh products. There is a menu available for celiac.

-Restaurante Submarino, this one is located in a privileged situation in the Oceanografic of Valencia, where you can see the fishes while eating.

What to say?

We also include you some tips that would help you to order in a restaurant in case you don’t speak any Spanish.

Sin gluten= gluten free

Sin salsa, por favor = No sauce, please!

¿Lleva harina? = Does it have flour?

¿Está rebozado? = Is it coated in breadcrumbs?

Where to buy gluten free food?

One of the easiest places where you can find gluten-free food is Mercadona, the supermarket chain sells all kinds of food at very reasonable prices identifying if it has gluten or not. The big store ‘El Corte Inglés’ also sells food appropriate for this group of people. There are also smaller herbalist shops all around the city.

Finally, if you are celiac we recommend you to stay in our apartments in the city center of Valencia where there is all the equipment to cook. This would allow you eating at home with all the commodities. If you are gluten intolerant but you love travelling, we provide you some tips that would help you to explore Valencia without any risk!

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