Where to Eat the Best Paella of Valencia?

Where to Eat the Best Paella of Valencia?

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Where to Eat the Best Paella of Valencia?… This is one of the most typical questions that our customers ask us when they arrive to LivingValencia Apartments. Paella is the most typical dish from Valencia and for those who don’t know it; there are different types depending on its ingredients. It may be a fish Paella, vegetable Paella or a meat Paella but never ever fish and meat at the same time!


Since this is such a common question we have decided to make a short guide of the best places to eat Paella depending on different budgets and areas.

-In the city centre:

One of the best places to eat Paella but at the same time quite expensive is “Casa Roberto”, situated in the city centre C/Maestro Gozalbo 19. This is one of the places for Paella and normally valencians go there to celebrate a special occasion.

La Riuá located at “Calle del Mar, 27” is a very nice place and less touristic than others. This is a familiar, very traditional place and more affordable than Casa Roberto. Moreover, its location is also pretty central.

The Escuela de arroces y paellas located at “Calle Juristas 12” is also a great chance to have lunch an authentic paella, affordable and close to the Cathedral. The menu is full of valencian dishes as “esgarraet”.

-Outside Valencia:

If you prefer to enjoy your lunch while looking at the sea, the Malvarrosa beach is the perfect area. There, you can find restaurants with a large history such as La Pepica and La Marcelina (Neptuno street).

A good alternative is “La genuine” in Pinedo where apart from good Paella they do more original rice such as duck and crab. This restaurant is situated in a “barraca” which is the traditional house from Valencia. The price goes from 20-30€.

Valencia is definitively the best city of Spain to eat Paella. We recommend you to be a bit adventurous and try more original types such as black Paella cooked with the ink of the squid or duck Paella.

If you require any further information about eating Paella en Valencia, do not hesitate to contact us!!



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