Bioparc, a piece of Africa in Valencia

Bioparc, a piece of Africa in Valencia

Did you think you would have to travel to Africa to see an elephant? Or do you wish to see a giraffe from really close? In the Bioparc you will find more than 100,000 square feet to discouver all these jewels which Africa has to offer.

On February 28 in 2008 the new Bioparc Valencia was opened. Bioparc has created a very true and accurate reconstruction of Africa’s wild life. Located in the Valencian ‘Cabecera’ park this ZOO was created  based on a new technique that tries to introduce people to the natural habits of the wild animals. The animals live in the Bioparc as they would live in the wild, in groups of the same species in the same natural habitat, which is separated by natural barriers of rocks, rivers and bridges.

The Bioparc is committed to respect for the animals and focuses on promoting awareness about caring for the environment, as shown in several education programs which they offer.

In the Bioparc you’ll find a piece of the African Savannah, the forests of Equatorial Africa, the Madagascar Island and the African wetlands; and all this without leaving the city!

  • In the African Savanna, you can spot the highest concentration of large herbivores of the world, furthermore you will also find the beautiful Acacia Forests and grasslands. You can even take a look into the underground life of the African Savannah.


  • The primary rainforests of Equatorial Africa are home to a large number of ecosystems.


  • On the island of Madagascar, you will find seven different species of lemurs and a center devoted to explaining the processes of extinction, which in the seventeenth century took place on the island of Madagascar.


  • The famous rock Kitum was reconstructed for the first time in the world, the Kitum has a length of 40 meters and a height of 8 meters. Here you can observe the herd of elephants.


The park offers various activities and special exhibitions, children’s playgrounds and a variety of restaurants and shops for the whole family. The Bioparc offers fun and entertainment for people of all ages where you can enjoy and learn about care, respect and love of natural wealth.

Bioparc Valencia is a magical world of nature in the middle of the city of Valencia ; a place to enjoy, discover, and be aware of the beauty African nature has to offer.


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