Fallas 2015 in Valencia Spain

Fallas 2015 in Valencia Spain

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There are only 40 days left until Fallas, so on this post we will provide a small guide for the people who have never been to Valencia.

If you come to Valencia, you can already visit the Ninot Exhibition on the esplanade of Nuevo Centro. EveryFalla brings a model of their monument for this exhibition, both the main and the children’s one. Every visitor votes for their favorite Ninot and the most voted is pardoned and it’s taken to the Fallas Museum, which you can also visit if you come to the city in February. Beside, from March 1st, you will enjoy the Mascletàs inPlaza del Ayuntamiento, right at the downtown.

Another unique experience, and probably the favorite one of every valencian, is the offering of flowers to theVirgen de los Desamparados (Virgin of the Helpless).


Fallas pretty much come alive from March 7th, because every Falla begin to mount their casals, stalls and street vendors are set… with all of this, you know that the festive atmosphere has come to town.

However, Fallas officially start on March 15th with the Plantà of the children’s Falla by the morning, and the main Falla by night. Since then, the city will be at its best. The streets will be full of casales, marching bands, Fallas monuments and the wonderful lights of Ruzafa or Cabanyal districts: THE CITY GETS LITERALLY PARALLALIZE

On the last days, you cannot miss the massive Mascletàs and fireworks, especially the Nit del Foc, or Night of Fire, on March 18th. After this, the party night begins and might end with the Despertà at 8 am.

As we said before, the most beautiful act of Fallas is the offering of flowers to the Virgin of the Helpless inPlaza de la Virgen. Every Falla offers flowers to the patron saint of the city, with the Basilica and the Cathedral guarding the religious act.

The festival ends with the Nit de la Cremà (the burning of the Fallas monuments) on March 19th, an act full of emotion and meaning.


 You’ve never visited Las Fallas?

You will never forget it and you will realize why this festivity had been declared as one of the top three festivals in Europe.


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