National Park ‘La Albufera de Valencia’

National Park ‘La Albufera de Valencia’

“The little sea, mirror of the sun, the stars and the moon”

That is the most comprehensive description of the beautiful nature reserve “La Albufera de Valencia”, a unique place and one of the most valuable and representative coastal landscapes of Valencia. Located 20 km from Valencia, you will find the largest saltwater lake of Spain and one of the main coastal landscapes of the peninsula. An area of great ecological value where you can spot several unique wintering waterfowl.

The park is separated from the Mediterranean Sea by a beautiful dune landscape. This area is known as “la Dehesa del Saler“, one of the most beautiful and green spots of Valencia where grow among others beautiful pine trees. The park consist of 21,000 hectares of which the saltwater lake occupies 3,000 hectares. This is the place where several birds nestle such as, but not limited to the Red Partridge, the Pochard and the Heron. In the lake swim among others different eel species.

The lake serves as irrigation for the rice fields, it is also traditionally a source of income for many local fishermen. The different species that can be found in “La Albufera” are funda mentally for the Valencian gastronomy; the famous ‘Paella‘ and the “all -i- pebre” (a stew with eels from the lake), are originally from here.

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To try the authentic Valencian ‘Paella’ with products from the region you should visit the small village of ‘El Palmar’, which is located in the middle of the ‘Albuferian’ rice fields.

Besides the traditional cuisine, it is an absolute must to make a boat trip in the area of ‘La Albufera’ , you can make a ??boat trip in one of the traditional fishing boats, to see the beautiful sunset and enjoy the absolute peace of this paradise.

“The greatest pleasure you’ll find in the unexpected little things or places”


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