Ruzafa. The hip place in Valencia

Ruzafa. The hip place in Valencia

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Not long ago, Ruzafa (Russafa) was an almost marginal neighborhood in Valencia. It was no surprise to see police cars and neon lights of the nearby brothels, but it happened to become the new up and coming district. Nowadays, this Soho alike district is surrounded by restaurants, cafes, art galleries and, basically, a clash of different cultures. It’s located near the North train station and you could say that its heart is the recently renovated Ruzafa’s Market, where you can find almost anything you need: fruit, vegetables, gourmet food, flowers, spices and much more.

If you are looking for a good meal, you have plenty of options. Ruzafa is well known for its wide range of restaurants. Whether you prefer to have a beer and some tapas or a whole gastronomic experience, you’ll find it in here. Almost every trendy restaurant is in this neighborhood, so you won’t have any problem finding somewhere good to eat and have some drinks. A few choices are: La Tasqueta del Mercat (Maestro Aguilar, 2), Sabors (Cádiz, 61), Ghaada (Doctor Serrano, 17), The Sushi Room (Cuba, 48), El Rus (Sueca, 35), El Fino (Pintor Salvador Abril, 13), El Huerto (Pedro III El Grande, 11), and, if you crave for vegetarian food, you have Malmö (Sueca, 46) and Copenhagen(Literato Azorín, 8).

How about a play or art hunting after dinner? In Sala Russafa (Denia, 55), the centre of the cultural movement in Ruzafa, you have a little bit of something for everyone. Theater, dance or plastic arts, you name it. Among the most popular art galleries are Colorelefante (Sevilla, 26), Espai Tactel (Denia, 25), Trentatres Gallery (Sueca, 33), Sporting Club Russafa (Sevilla, 5).

Ruzafa is popular among the gin tonic lovers as well. Sandanski(Sueca, 42) offers 35 different types of gin and The Black Premium (Ruzafa, 15) is a wonderful little place to have a delicious gin tonic… or two. If you are more into coffee and cake, you’d like Dulce de Leche(Pintor Gisbert, 2), El Desván del Café (Puerto Rico, 4), Café Mercedes (Sueca, 27), Café Teatro Tocado (Cádiz, 44), Excuse Me? (Tomassos, 12) andUnhate Cafe (Dénia, 49), all of them are good options.

You can also bump yourself into picturesque and not-so-common shops, such as Joan Santamaría Perruquer (Literato Azorín, 17), which is the most popular hair salon of the zone, where you can find expositions and many different events. For the tea lovers, you have Tetería Ain Al Russafí (Buenos Aires, 3), a marvelous shop where you can really appreciate the spirit of Ruzafa.


And if you want to live “the famous late-nightlife of Valencia” dance in Electropura!!!!!

As you can see, this district is a perfect blend of many different things and a perfect destination for a romantic getaway. Definitely,   you can’t miss this neighborhood next time you come to Valencia.


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  1. I recommend the restaurant La Tasqueta del Mercat, in 2nd,Maestro Aguilar street, near Ruzafa Market. I discovered this restaurant just by walking by it by coincidence. It looked very attractive with it lounge part, and modern decoration with wood. Simple and elegant. In the evening you can pick from the menu where there are about 10-15 tapas to choose from. Good thing is that since they change the menu every 2 weeks, I am sure I will go back to try some more. I had a mini hamburger of lamb, a croquet of chicken, another one of codfish, a criolo empanada, noodles and as a desert a good brownie with icecream. The house wine (white verdejo) was good. It has been open for a week, so it was not crowded but I am sure this will change soon as I will recommend it to my friends and on my tours

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