A walk through the ‘Turia’ Gardens

A walk through the ‘Turia’ Gardens

Nature, culture and sports, from the start to the finish, in the beautiful city gardens of Valencia.

The pride of Valencia, the beautiful park on the banks of the city center. The ‘Turia’ Gardens were created at the end of the twentieth century due to the catastrophic flood of 1957, they diverted the river to a new artificial channel south of the city. The result, the ‘Turia’ Gardens were opened in 1986 and is a beautiful 110 -acre public garden crossed by 300 year old bridges, where you can hike, practice sports or have a nice picnic.

The beautiful park is nine kilometers long and runs from the northwest to the southeast. The ‘Turia’ park is the largest urban garden in Spain. The bed of the river ‘Turia’ is the perfect place to enjoy the weather and relax without having to leave the city.

The smell of pure nature, the sound of water and the green grass will bring you into the temptation to relax and enjoy all the ingredients that this beautiful city (Parque de Cabecera) park has to offer.

A visit is a must for the gardener because the park offers a great botanical diversity. Along the various walking routes you will find different tree species, lawns and colorful flowers. The greenery and tranquility of the area will enchant you.

There is also a large area reserved for practicing sports. Such as, but not limited to rugby, football, skate, handball, baseball, basketball, table tennis, and an athletics track.


For music lovers, there is a surprise in store; the ‘Palau de la Musica’. The ‘Palau’ is located on a square filled with orange trees and waterfalls. Many music lovers are found here regularly.

For younger guests, there is also plenty to do! ‘Gulliver Park‘, located under the bridge of Aragon, makes it possible for children to imagine themselves in the fairy tale of “Jonathan Swift“. The large playground filled with slides and climbing frames is a popular attraction.

Culture, good music, nature, water and surrounded by good vibes and fresh air. Perfect for a relaxing day in the city.


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