Come to Albufera Natural Park, the cradle of the Valencian rice

Come to Albufera Natural Park, the cradle of the Valencian rice

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Valencia, as it is well-known around the world, is the land of paella. And it’s because the paella was born 20 km from Valencia, where we can find rice fields bathed in the wetlands of AlbuferaNaturalPark. It is the largest lake of Spain and one of the most important wetlands of the Iberian Peninsula. An area of great ecological interest which unique species of aquatic birds. Its rich waters have traditionally provided sustenance to fishermen and rice growers, giving rise to a succulent gastronomy.

A sunset in AlbuferaNaturalPark is a must-see for any tourist. AlbuferaNaturalPark is a saltwater lake that flows into the Mediterranean Sea. A few meters is the forest of El Saler, also natural park protected by its great ecological value. Going to eat paella or all-i-pebre (stew with eels in the lake) in the beach of El Saler, or in El Palmar, near village overlooking the beautiful lake, and finish the day with a boating on Albufera Natural Park is a great family plan for any time of the year.



You can reach it by car or by bus.  You can take the bus in several central points of the city, is still a very good option in case come in family as the stop is right between AlbuferaNaturalPark and El Saler  and the visit to both at an affordable price can be comfortably combined. As with the transport, in family trips  the most comfortable option of accommodation is renting an apartment for days. We have a wide variety of them to make your vacation more comfortable.

We encourage you to spend a few days in Valencia enjoying its beaches, parks and natural, of course, its magnificent paella.



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