Quality housing for everybody

Quality housing for everybody

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Only a few minutes away from the city centre we encounter this building called “la Finca Roja”, which completes a whole urban block next to calle Jesús. This is a singular fact, because only few buildings in Valencia reach this volume by themselves.

The construction of this residential block is due to laws enacted in those years in order to diminish the population density in the city centre and provide middle and low income families better housing to live in. The flats designed in this project were more spacious than the average and they had all the facilities available at that time.

This project shows how then architects were influenced by many different thoughts: the monumentality of the building and the love to craftwork seen in its details reflect Modernist ideas. On the other hand, the way the architect studied how materials interact resembles the researching done by the Amsterdam School, and the volume of the whole construction relies on other housing projects built in Vienna in the beginning of the XXth century.

To the walker, what stands out from the Finca Roja complex is the couple of towers covered with green ceramic tiles, which are located at the four corners of the block. Originally they were projected as water reservoirs, but they have never been used with that purpose.

Nowadays the Finca Roja is still a residential block and it is not a place allowed to tourists. In spite of this, we recommend wandering around its quartier and admire its unique architecture from one of the peaceful cafes located in the surrounding streets.

Quality housing for everybody


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