The historical center

The historical center

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Valencia is an emerald in which a river of pearls flows

Valencia has to offer a great variety of neighborhoods and attractions. The historical center of Valencia stands out from the other neighborhoods; in the Old Town you can breath the tradition and history of Valencia and is one of the most vibrant areas of the city.

This area of ??Valencia in addition to its distinctive architecture and artistic value is characterized by the many narrow streets, squares and a huge historical beauty where you obviously will recognize Roman and medieval influences.

Take a walk through the beautiful city where you will discover the oldest and most traditional pubs and restaurants, furthermore the shops are fabulous. But the true essence of Valencia lies in its monuments and beautiful historic buildings that will amaze you.

The Cathedral

The famous cathedral is located on the well known ‘Plaza de la Virgen’, in the center of town, right next to the Basilica of the Virgin. The cathedral was consecrated in 1238 and is the seat of the Archbishop of Valencia and is dedicated to ‘Jaume I the Conqueror’. Traditionally, the cathedral was built to mark the territory of the Christians against Muslims.

La Torre del Miguelete

‘La Torre del Miguelete ‘ is the bell tower of the Cathedral, and the most iconic clock tower of the city. The hexagonal and baroque tower is 60 meters high and from the top you can enjoy an amazing view over the historic downtown.


The Central Market

‘El Mercado Central’ is perhaps the finest example of modern architecture of the city of Valencia; an indoor market where all types of fresh meats, fish, vegetables and local products are being sold of the highest quality.

La Lonja de la Seda

Directly opposite the ‘Mercado Central’ you find the most beautiful part of the gothic architecture of the city. This fifteenth century silk trade has been inscribed under the UNESCO World Heritage Lis and is a reflection of the wealth of the golden century in Valencia.

The Plaza Redonda and surroundings

‘La Plaza Redonda’ is a circular square filled with stalls where most diverse things are sold from antiques to traditional attire. The surrounding streets are also filled with small shops and boutiques.

‘The Plaza de la Virgen’ and the ‘Basilica’

Literally the square of the virgin. From this place the construction of the city of Valencia has begun. It is a large square, closed to vehicle traffic where you will find many musicians, street artists, tourists and praying people.

Obviously there are many more places that you must visit in the center of the city, such as the ‘Torres de Serrano’, ‘Palacio del Marques de Dos Aguas’, the ‘Teatro Principal’, the post office etc … If you’re stay in Valencia is short and you do not have a lot of time for sightseeing, we have mapped out a route for you where you can see a lot in a short time and can give you a good idea of ??the greatness of Valencia.

Breathe in the traditional atmosphere and discover the history of each corner by a walk in the city center of Valencia


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